Press Release

For Immediate Release

True Cloud Hosting is a service that is modest, reasonable and accessible for both business and individual platforms. As a hosting company, we know how well managed cloud hosting solutions have plenty of benefits over shared hosting.

We are even witness to the many times that managed cloud hosting perform way superior than dedicated hosting solutions. We use the cloud hosting platform being the latest hosting form that has gained popularity in the past several years.

We take pride in our managed cloud hosting solutions since the resources needed for your website maintenance are spread through several web servers and we provide these services on per necessity basis. Again we want to assure you that with our services, your website doesn’t depend on one server but rather a collection of servers which work harmoniously together and are known as “The Cloud”.

We are here to guarantee you that True Cloud Hosting has managed cloud hosting solutions well covered. Today, setting up websites that are effective doesn’t call for a lot of investment. Thankfully, we operate with a resourceful pool of talented professionals that specialize in the following niches;

A. Web Design

B. Content Marketing

C. Managed Cloud Hosting

D. Search Engine Optimization

These are all web based fields that help you meet your demands and needs. We provide small, mid-sized as well as large enterprise companies with IT structure solutions that we host in our cloud.

Our unique but friendly customer approach has been helping us come up with innovative solutions which offer prominence and control that is unprecedented helping our clients make healthier choices when it comes to agility, risk and functioning proficiency.

As a well-known and well established hosting solutions company, we provide a true fusion cloud tactic for Information Technology (IT) Departments as well as business units that are in search of choice, podium compatibility as we are your number one established cloud partner who focuses on exceptional infrastructure wants of every customer that we serve.

True Cloud Hosting has a commitment to Privacy and Data Security is strengthened through our use of Safe Harbor Certification, Certification of compliance that makes sure that our clients’ data remains protected.

When it comes to the best hosting (managed) solutions, we make sure that we give our clients the best hosting solutions to meet their needs and demands.